Monday, April 13, 2009


Seems to be the word to best describe my blogging. Or writing in general, for that matter.

I got my first paid writer's gig for something I wrote years ago that was meant for me. I performed it in a two woman I performed it as myself...never intending for it to go anywhere else. Now it's a short film located here. This is a film company that two amazing friends of mine started in New York. Yep. They moved to New York and started a film company. Coast stereotypes be damned, they're doing it their way.

A short while later, a friend called me in last minute for a voiceover for a training video. Paid me to portray finger puppet renditions of an operator and caller. Good stuff.

So as I struggle to be seen, to mail in, to get called in, to have anyone notice me and somehow spoonfeed me the elusive sense of Chicago Actor Legitimacy I have not fed myself in a while...I get paid for my work from my friends.

I'm not complaining. Just...noticing. Huh.

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