Monday, July 29, 2013

Camera Phone?

In talking to my sister about technology and its inevitable rise, I used the term, "camera phone." I immediately realized that this was ridiculous, and stated that fact.

There is no such thing as a camera phone. It's just a phone. We were floored when the iPhone came out and had the internet on it displayed JUST LIKE A COMPUTER. Remember that? Other miracles soon followed.

"You guys, it's a music player AND a phone. Wow! But does it have a camera?"

"Of course it does. Whaddya think this is, 2008?"

My sister countered that we're doomed.

I have a 15-month-old daughter. I am terrified. My ability to keep up with technology is only going to weaken, and everything I now know will be outdated in about five minutes. I won't understand any of the acronyms she'll spout off in second grade, because I don't understand half of them now. By the time she's a teenager, I'll be muttering in a corner about words being beautiful things and wishing they'd come back. I'll try to update my blog, but I won't have downloaded the newest version of the OS for my Google Enema, which is old technology anyway.

By the time she gets her hands on any kind of phone, it will be a chip IN her hand. And I'ma be all, "I went to school before the internet!" and she'll put me in a home.

It's cool, though. All the people there will understand my plight.