Thursday, April 17, 2008

This is...where I am...

I just glanced at an e-mail to one of our paralegals. I won't go into the boring details, but it was business related. They explained that they were sorry, but they no longer sold the item she was looking for.

"You may follow the link below to find lighted balloons:"

How helpful. Thank you.

A friend and co-worker just came up to me with a wrapper from her Dove chocolate. On the inside, it said, "You know what? You look good in red."

Stupid wrapper. She wasn't wearing red.

This morning at a meeting, a woman defended her choice to visit a tanning salon by saying, "Hey. Everything these days is going to give you cancer."

Since this was a health committee meeting for work, I said, "Yeah. But that's a cancer causer from way back. Kind of an OG cancer-causer."

At a previous meeting, she mentioned that there was an odd smell when she was tanning. I asked if it was cancer.

Hey, if she never would have gotten on my case for smoking while on that committee, I'd leave her alone.

I quit smoking. She's still tan.

This is all the creativity I have during the day. If I didn't fuck off at work to work on theater and career stuff, I'd be in trouble.

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